Design for Good is a project that aims to explore the role of design and creativity in creating small change. We facilitate collaborative creation workshops across the world with young adults from different cultural and  socio-economic backgrounds to encourage creativity and social entrepreneurship.


July 2017

Apply to the design research introductory course in Rio de Janeiro this July 15th. Fill in the link to participate.

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Report: Applying Design and Innovation Framework in the Syrian Refugee Crisis

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I have written a short piece on Design Innovation and Refugee Crisis this week. You can find the full article on the link below.  Many European organizations have started looking at…

Funky videos from West Africa trip

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I recently started to use Google back-up for my phone photos and videos. I have found out that Google has made some funky videos out of my recent trip to...

Sketchbooks from South America

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I have recently found my sketchbooks that I kept from my travels to Brazil, Argentina and Chile in 2010's Winter, which I visited right after my graduation in 2009. I...

Presentation at Tamera

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I have been invited to have a presentation about art therapy workshops at Tamera this summer in August 2015. It was a wonderful adventure for me to travel to Portugal...