Report: Applying Design and Innovation Framework in the Syrian Refugee Crisis

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I have written a short piece on Design Innovation and Refugee Crisis this week. You can find the full article on the link below. 

Many European organizations have started looking at design tools to solve societal challenges such as integration of new migrant intakes. The solutions range from creating products, services, and toolkits to education and training. Fortunately, we are beginning to see a great deal of adaptation of human-centered methods into political and societal problems, and the expansion of design tools is growing from the private and NGO sector wider to the realm of bigger organizations involving policymakers. From collective short-term initiatives and think-tank like workshops, there is a growing interest by the in-house team to look at the challenge as change management and seek uses for design thinking techniques.

Having recently adopted design thinking, UNHCR is looking into capturing innovation, which has derived from fieldwork, volunteers, and employee ideas systematically. UNHCR is created to promote and share creativity across the organization’s dedicated innovation unit. This allows us to amplify good practices that already exist, to connect good ideas to resources, and draw expertise from private and academic sectors.

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