Design Research Wednesdays (& forro dancing!)

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There is nothing better than continuously experimenting and learning while at work. I wanted to bring the culture of knowledge sharing into our UX and UI team at my new freelance job at Talktalk. I have recently started organising Research Wednesdays each week to talk about a different research method we can apply at our company. I decided to run the workshop on Wednesdays for an hour during the lunch break at the open meeting room. Being mainly for my UX and UI team, passersby were also welcome to stay and listen, everyone brought their lunch over to the table it was an eat and listen event.

This workshop is held outside of work hours and differ from my weekly research findings meeting which I sum up of that weeks user research, a brief ‘how did we do’ talk. On Wednesdays, I introduce a technique in half an hour and the rest we brainstorm on how can we apply or improve it within our facilities and resources.

Ps: Last week with the UX group we went to forró (a Brazilian  partner dance  currently occupying my life outside work) and I am currently thinking about making a workshop at work about applying listening/responding skills at dance to UX resource. Could be interesting, what do you think?



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