Design thinking workshops with young participants

What is it about?

Design thinking workshops consists of using different methodologies and design tools to unleash creative and collective problems solving. It is a five days to one week long programme for young people marked with milestone activities which the content of it could be crafted for the particular context and environment. This workshops will guide young people between the age of 13 to 19 on their journey to become change makers.

During this time, they will learn a  great deal by interacting with other people, experiment, build and test and build a community. Facilitator and mentors will be there not to teach but to inspire and guide the participants when they feel stuck.

Instead of given a problem from top-down, young people choose the problem they tackle with. A problem which they are most interested in, which is very relevant to their lives, and will eventually lead to project results having a very meaningful effect on their lives and community.

Participants will be given the creative space where they will be able to experiment and reflect as much, rediscover their values through collaborative and individual exercises.

For the future we will keep the community together and continue to give meaningful support in their project related and personal journey. One aims of the workshop is to sustain relationships around longer-term commitment amongst individuals who are interested in the same cause and build a support system for one or another.

We will keep our discussion and inspiration groups live, sharing our insights and learnings and further support to take the project to the next level.

The Structure

Main structure will remain similar, although depending on the participants context the activities will differ. This is fit for every participant and community of culture, age and discipline.

Working with young people requires a more playful and expressive approach to design thinking activities then of adults. Therefore I tried to gather activities some of which I found and developed, some I adopted from different sources such as UX and service design tools, Ideo (design thinking for educators), Acumen (Human centred design tools), YesWorld handbook and un-schooling design methods.

One week long workshop aims its participants to experience the full cycle of design thinking process in a shorter time, in smaller cycles. Instead of spreading the process within a week, through feedback sessions, it tries to keep the pace and energy at a higher level.

General structure;

  • Getting to know each other: Meeting games, self introduction.
  • Exploring self, our everyday life and obstacles : Magic Wand exercise (if I could change anything) Map My Day (what is my story) Grouping around causes.
  • Objectives, ground setting: Our common goals, how we relate to each other, empathy and gift giving exercises.
  • Theatre: Acting out, Watching videos, discussions
  • Deep dive: Rapid ethnography methods
  • Finding common ground and checkins throughout the process.
  • Building prototypes: open space to collaboratively make.
  • Going out of the building: going out and testing our prototypes
  • What worked what didn’t work? How could we improve for the better.
  • How can we stay connected.
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