Design Research in a Day – Short Course


Last October, I have started teaching at Chelsea College, University of the Arts London as a short course tutor. The course aims to introduce design research in total of 8 hours (condensed to 5 hours) with guiding case studies how each method and tool has been used by practitioners. It focuses on research approaches that can be taken away and applied immediately.

First part of the course is on introduction to stages of design, user research and its types forming the research strategy and conduct research question. Participants are given a template to map the research strategy of a project they are working on.

On the second part of the workshop, different research methods are introduced such as:  Ethnographic ( Diary Studies, Site Visit / Mystery Shopping / Shadowing / Contextual Inquiries ) A/B Testing, Card Sorting, Usability Testing, Focus Groups, Participatory Design, Wizard of Oz, Desirability Testing, Expert Review, Cognitive Walkthrough, Image Boards, Empathy Maps, Storyboards, Personas, Customer Journey Maps.

You can visit UAL Chelsea Short Courses Page, visit here to find more information.

Brief contents of the workshop:

  1. Introduction into Research Strategy.

  2. Usability Testing.

  3. Analysing Data & Triangulation.

  4. Guerilla Testing.

  5. Human Centered Design Methods.

  6. Heuristic Evaluation.

  7. Focus Groups.