Human-Centered-Design Workshop at Sikana Rio

Sikana is self learning channel which operates internationally offers a set of videos for all watchers can self-educate on various topic. Sikana international offices has created many videos that can be translated and viewed globally. 

However aside from the global approach and aiming at the worldwide audience, Sikana has also to needs to create a base audience and work towards to improve lives of people on a local scale. Current problem of the Rio office remains that they didn’t know if the international content fit for local purposes. We had many important questions regarding our users and needed to learn things such as;

How often videos are used for self- education for this particular audience?
What new content we need? Which content we already have is relevant?
What are the most desired skills to improve people’s life conditions?
How can we approach people and make our service heard?

My approach to’s unanswered questions was to organize human centered design. Gathering around our main office, we mapped out all the information we need to know about our end users.


After a big sum of questions, we grouped each of them under a header. We have also laid all the human user centric research methods we could use to inform on these questions.